«Я не ела уже семь дней»: Юлия Высоцкая объявила голодовку и рассказала об экстремальных методах похудения

Not so long ago, Yulia Vysotskaya was invited to the program “Evening Urgant”. At 46, the actress looks stunning, and the fans never stop admiring her.
According to Julia, she leads an active lifestyle and eats right throughout her adult life.

“As soon as I feel that I have gained kilograms, I do not eat bread, flour, sweets. If you want to lose weight, eat not much! You can eat everything, but not much, ”said the actress.
On the show, Vysotskaya stated that she had not eaten for a week. The actress brought treats to the host. But she herself had to give up dessert. “I’ll leave the hunger strike tomorrow,” said Yulia.

She also told how she would do it. “Home-made yoghurt, bran, porridge on the water. Not everything is so interesting … ”, – she added.
Ivan was amazed at the guest’s statement. She’s a great cook. And when a person cooks deliciously, how can you starve at the same time. Plus she has tons of recipe books for dieters.

“I like to eat. And I eat. I eat everything. I’m not always hungry. It’s just that our meeting coincided with my starvation, ”the guest of the program explained.
“Andrey likes my hobby. He is glad to return to the house, where it smells of pies, vanilla .. This is certainly not his obligatory requirement, but it is more pleasant for him, ”the actress shared.

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